Tennis Court Dimensions

Tennis Court Dimensions

When building a new tennis court, the dimensions can vary depending on whether the facility will be used for professional matches or recreational practise sessions.

MUGA Size Measurements

MUGA Size Measurements

If you're building a sports court for recreational use, we can alter the size to fit the outdoor space you have available, or to keep costs down.

Tennis Surface Measurements

Tennis Surface Measurements

We are able to create a bespoke specification which suits your budget and is perfect for your organisation, whether it's a school, club or domestic garden.

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Tennis Court Dimensions

We can install a range of facilities with different tennis court dimensions to suit a range of clients. These can be installed at schools, leisure centres and even domestic homes with a variety of designs available. Each client can completely customise the facility with different sizes, colours and line markings applied. You could also choose to turn the space into a multi use games area which can be used for other sports like netball and basketball as well.


Feel free to contact our team today for more information on each of the products and services we offer. The costs can vary for each different project but we'll take a look at your budget and offer an affordable quote for you. Look here - to find out more or enter your details in the enquiry form provided.

What Are Tennis Court Dimensions?

Tennis court dimensions are variable depending on how the facility will be used. There are some guidelines offered if the surface is going to be for competitive matches, but we can create a bespoke design for smaller recreational facilities.

  • Recreational Domestic Tennis Courts - 16.5m x 33.5m
  • LTA Minimum Size Court - 17.07m x 33.77m
  • LTA Championship Dimensions - 18.29m x 36.57m

Depending on how you will be using the sports facility, these sizes can change to suit the space you have available. Our team will be able to create a design which accomodates you and your budget.

Sport Surfacing Options

We offer a wide variety of surfacing types that provide different properties for your facility based on what you will need. One of the most common designs chosen for these facilities is porous macadam that is constructed from rocks which are blended with tar and installed on top of a sub base. Many organisations like clubs and schools opt for the macadam tennis surface as it is flexible enough to get used for various other sporting activities, and is additionally incredibly hard wearing and strong.

Polymeric rubber surfaces are likewise popular for tennis courts and multi use games areas. For this EPDM surface type, tarmac will be used as the sub base as the rubber crumb mixture will be applied on top of it. For each facility with a hard surface, an anti-slip mixture paint will have to be fitted to improve the safety and performance qualities. Coloured line markings also are painted onto the surfacing in a chosen design with line markings for each sport.

These days synthetic turf is also used for tennis facilities, as a means of getting a suitable substitute for tarmacadam. These specific surface types should be installed along with certain infills depending upon the carpet to make certain the facility gets the necessary grip and characteristics. These kinds of sand based grass surfacing are regularly used for soccer and hockey if you would like to produce an all purpose sports pitch or a more adaptable area.

Tennis Court Colour Painting

When producing your tennis court, you will have total power over the colour scheme for the flooring. We can also perform line marking process that ensures that the facility is assessed to the prime playing dimensions. The particular specification of anti slip paint which is used will come in a selection of colours and it has anti slip characteristics which enhance playability and make certain that the location is as safe as possible. If you are getting your facility decorated with slip resistant coating, make sure to work with a specialist sports contractor to ensure that you get a premium quality job.

Building Outdoor Tennis Courts

The process of building an outdoor tennis facility can vary as it depends on the type of surface chosen and the size of the area. We'll take initial measurements and plan out the installation process to begin with. There are several extras that you can have implemented within your design strategy for your facility; this can include sturdy fencing, netting and the coloured painting onto the surface. Selecting specs that suits your requirements and personal preferences is the first vital stage; this includes deciding the design and features of the tennis court. A sturdy sub base will be necessary for the facility to make sure that it has got the suitable foundations to make sure it is safe throughout its product life.



After the sub base is fitted, the next stage is to put on a coating of macadam over the top of your stone to create a flat and smooth surface. If the court has been specified as macadam then no other manufacturing works need to be accomplished, but a paint coating and set of line markings will be added. However for facilities with other surface options that specific surfacing choice will have to be laid down next. The assortment of surfacing types we have readily available includes polymeric rubber crumb, synthetic sand filled turf and artificial clay, each one of these can be installed onto macadam. For specialist standard court surfaces, you need to adhere to strict regulations with regards to the efficiency attributes and dimensions of the area. If you aren’t planning on using the facility for experienced or highly competitive games you are able to decrease costs by installing a smaller court.

Other Dimensions We Offer

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