Hockey Pitch Dimensions

Hockey Pitch Dimensions

The sizes of hockey pitches can vary based on each facility, we are able to build these surfaces for competitive use as well as smaller sized practise fields in schools.

Sand Filled Hockey Surfacing

Sand Filled Hockey Surfacing

These facilities are often installed using sand filled synthetic turf as this provides an all weather surface which is durable enough for regular use.

Maintaining a Hockey Court

Maintaining a Hockey Court

If you would like to find out how you can maintain your hockey pitch, talk to us today and we will help ensure your court stays in great condition.

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Hockey Pitch Dimensions

If you're looking to install a facility with specific hockey pitch dimensions we offer a specialist design and construction service. The measurements of a standard hockey surface are usually around 91.4m x 55m, and this is the size used for most competitive matches. We are able to install a facility with a smaller area size to fit into existing space at your school or club, and to reduce the overall costs. For facilities which are only used for recreational purposes or practise sessions, the smaller sizes pitches are often the preferred choice.



The specifications and costs for every project can vary and we have worked with many different clients to build these outdoor games areas. Please feel free to make contact with us by filling in the quick enquiry box, and we'll get back to you with some more details of what we can do. Or you can look here - to find out everything you need to know regarding all weather pitches.

Sand Filled Sports Pitches

2G sand-filled hockey surfaces have gotten ever more popular as they can be used in all weather conditions for training and competitive matches. It is not just professional sports clubs who have these surfaces installed, many are found at schools and colleges as well. The sand filled synthetic grass pitches may be installed as a substitute for existing natural grass which might have become muddy or damaged. The artificial carpet creates a fresh appearance for the facility and adds better playing qualities.

Ground works and foundation is the very first step for installing a synthetic sport surface. To have the most suitable foundations, the hockey pitch dimensions and measurements must be considered. A sub base will then be put down to ensure the facility is porous, stable and even totally smooth when finished. A shock-pad could also be installed to further improve the level of comfort for the players. The installation of a shockpad can also help to minimise injuries caused to joints and muscles of players using the 2G sport surfacing. The moment the construction process is finished, the sand filled facility will provide permeable qualities, this makes your facility ideal for all-weather use meaning that the 2G pitch may be used all year long.

Constructing a Hockey Court Near Me

If you are looking to construct a hockey court in [LOCATIO] then our specialists are on hand to offer you their services. As experts we have years of experience and professional knowledge so are able to build a hockey court that fits your requirements and is right for you. We can alter all dimnensions and designs to suit you, so get in touch with us today and we will get back to you shortly with everything you require.

Maintaining Astro Turf Surfacing

2G sand dressed pitches are hard-wearing and durable with excellent performance characteristics for hockey. The infill can help enhance the performance characteristics and should be applied across the whole area. Maintaining your sand dressed synthetic pitch is very important to be sure the infill levels are filled up constantly. Routine care really helps to improve the safety and performance characteristics of the sports surface. Contamination can be taken off through brushing and also cleaning. However, if, your pitch does become too dirty and also under contamination, restoration may very well be required. This process is conducted by extracting polluted fine sand and adding clean sand infill.

Outdoor Hockey Field Size

These surface types are very well suited to playing hockey, but they could also be utilised for football and tennis as well. For this surfacing type a thin layer of sand will be installed in the required measurements to hold the grass fibres in place as-well-as allowing balls to move easily over the surface. Having the infill within the turf fibres additionally gives more grip for the gamers using the facility.


You could also consider having the pitch built in specific dimensions so that it could be applied for other sports. This would create a multi use games area where football and other activities may be played as well. If you wish to improve the sports pitch even more and add more features, we recommend applying more line markings. Sports markings could be added in various colours to help make the surfacing customised. A number of line-markings for different types of activities can be applied, resulting in a MUGA where lots of activities are carried out in a single space.

Other Dimensions We Offer

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We are here to help with any questions you might have about building a new sports facility or carrying out maintenance to an existing one. Our expert installers have worked on many projects with schools, colleges and clubs so we can advise you on all of the different products that are available. Please use the quick contact box to ask about hockey pitch dimensions and the costs for installing these surfaces.


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