All Weather Pitch in City of Edinburgh

All Weather Pitch in City of Edinburgh

We are expert installers of synthetic all weather sports pitches, offering a wide range of designs and specifications to suit many activities including football, rugby and netball.

Synthetic Sports Flooring in City of Edinburgh

Synthetic Sports Flooring in City of Edinburgh

There are a number of options available including 3G synthetic turf, polymeric rubber flooring and macadam which all offer diverse playing qualities for different sports.

MUGA Court Installers in City of Edinburgh

MUGA Court Installers in City of Edinburgh

If you are looking to install a facility which can be used for many sports, we can build multi use games areas with a variety of line markings for each activity.

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All Weather Pitch in City of Edinburgh

If you're interested in building a brand new all weather pitch in City of Edinburgh EH7 5 our team can help you with choosing the right surface and carrying out the work. We offer expert knowledge within the sports surfacing industry, with over twenty years of experience. We pride ourselves in helping clients to understand what is best for their institution, discussing their options with them and striving to give them the best value product at the highest standard. Through completing numerous projects at schools, local clubs and professional facilities, we have gained a wealth of experience to help each client find the best sport surface for their needs.

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To get in touch with one of our experts today and discuss the costs, please complete the quick contact form on this page. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we'll respond with some professional advice and help. We have worked on many different projects so we're able to supply case studies and product sheets for all of the specifications we offer.

What is an All Weather Pitch?

An all weather pitch is a sports facility which is designed to be used in any weather conditions so that the area can be used all year round. These types of surfaces are commonly found at schools and public clubs where activities are done regularly and the sport pitch always needs to be available for use. Many organisations are now choosing to have natural grass replaced with synthetic turf to create flooring which is suitable for use in rainy conditions without flooding.

Artificial Sport Surfacing

We understand that it’s hard to judge which artificial sport surface is the perfect one for you and your all weather pitch. It can depend on a lot of factors, the main one being the sports it will be used for – We offer a variety of different surfacing options in City of Edinburgh EH7 5 that are all suitable for individual activities including football and rugby, but each design offers a great deal of cross over between activities ensuring that there is a perfect option for everyone.

For a facility which is primarily used for football and rugby, the 3G synthetic turf specification would be recommended as this offers the most natural playing qualities. Netball and basketball are best played on a hard court such as macadam or polymeric rubber as these provide ideal ball bounce qualities. If you want a facility which is suitable for general multi use activities, the Multisport synthetic turf is a fantastic versatile option.

We guarantee that all of our surfaces are 100% usable in any weather conditions due to the porosity of the product. The permeable artificial sports surfaces allow water to pass through them and the sub base (foundations) as each one is built using reduced fines angular stones. This gives the flooring the durability and structure it needs whilst ensuring that water can pass through the gaps in the stones. For more information on all of the different outdoor surfacing options please feel free to get in touch with us today.

All Weather Pitch Construction in City of Edinburgh

We offer a variety of different specifications and carpets for each of our sports surface construction projects. This gives the client a great deal of freedom to choose the perfect facility which will be built to the desired playing standards. Through this we can also help customise the facility to ensure that that the client stays within their budget, whilst still getting a high quality product. The complete installation process will vary for every project depending on what type of surfacing is chosen, the area size of the facility, and many other factors.

We also give all of our clients the opportunity to have extra features installed with the all weather pitches. For example we offer a variety of different fencing that can come in a selection of heights, this means the area can be kept secure during use and when it is not in use. Specialist floodlighting can be included as well, this is extremely beneficial in the winter months as it allows the pitch to be used when it gets dark early. This is preferable for leisure centres in City of Edinburgh that will rent the facilities out, and can generate more revenue during the season.

Synthetic Pitches Maintenance

To ensure that your sports pitch stays completely clean and porous, it’s important to give the surface regular, proactive maintenance. This means preventing any issues such as flooding and contamination before they actually arise. The best way to do this is to keep the area clear of any contaminations which could cause damage to the surfacing or anyone using it. This can be done by brushing and deep cleaning the grass fibres of the sports flooring. Keeping the infill particles topped up and evenly distributed also helps to maintain the porosity and prevent flooding.


Reactive maintenance can also be carried out to repair any damage which has been caused to the surfacing; this could include seam repairs, infill rejuvenation or even a full resurfacing job. We would always advise keeping on top of cleaning and maintenance work for any sport facility to make sure it is completely safe for use.

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We have installed numerous multi use activity areas for many clients and can provide a number of case studies for each product we offer. Our experts can answer any questions you may have about costs, specifications and maintenance so don't hesitate to ask. Please feel free to get in touch with us today for more details on building an all weather pitch in City of Edinburgh EH7 5 and we'd be happy to help. You may also look here - to read more about all weather pitches.

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