Polymeric Sports Court Specification in Alfrick

Polymeric Sports Court Specification in Alfrick

We often install the EPDM rubber surfacing for outdoor MUGAs which need good ball bounce and slip resistance qualities, usually for playing basketball and netball.

EPDM Rubber Surfaces in Alfrick

EPDM Rubber Surfaces in Alfrick

The polymeric sports flooring can be installed in a range of coloured designs with contrasting line markings for each activity which will be played.

Rubber Court Maintenance in Alfrick

Rubber Court Maintenance in Alfrick

To ensure your court is in great condition for a number of years you will need to carry out regular maintenance that will keep it clean and safe.

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Polymeric Sports Court Specification in Alfrick

We are able to install facilities using the polymeric sports court specification in Alfrick WR6 5 to offer a range of designs. This type of flooring is perfect for multi use games areas where activities like basketball, netball and tennis are played. You can choose between different options to get the perfect end result for your facility. It is a rubber surface type which can be installed as full EPDM, a textured spray coat or as a sandwich system. This depends on what type of flooring is needed for the activities that you are going to play.


To speak to one of our experts about this type of surfacing, feel free to complete our contact form and let us know what you need. We can provide information on costs, and help you choose the perfect spec for your project. You may look here - http://www.allweatherpitch.co.uk/specification/3g-pitches/worcestershire/alfrick/ to ready more about 3G pitches or you can enter your details in the form below.

EPDM Rubber Surfacing

Lots of sport facilities in Alfrick choose to have polymeric surfaces for their multi use games areas and outdoor spaces. This kind of surfacing is comprised of a rubber crumb combined with a binder which can be applied in a number of ways. The EPDM rubber that we use is designed for sports like basketball due to the bounce and grip attributes the flooring offers. It can also be used for athletics tracks and long jump runways in clubs and schools. This flooring can be used throughout the year since it is porous, and the polymeric rubber is supplied in a variety of colours. 

Our team are professionals in the installation of sport surfaces, we provide you with many different products and services concerning MUGAs. We can easily perform thorough building of innovative multi purpose courts, tennis facilities and quite a few other surfacing designs. Our company work with a range of sites which include recreational spaces, sports clubs, high schools and residential homes to build multi use activity areas. You can look here - http://www.allweatherpitch.co.uk/specification/multisport/worcestershire/alfrick/ to find out more about multisport surfaces or you can talk to us today.

Outdoor Sport Surface Painting

Numerous colleges, non-public facilities along with leisure centres have had hard activities pitches intended for use having a selection of sports. We'll offer you expert services for colouring these hard surface varieties to help give the area extra security and playability. An application of coloured anti slip coating should be dispersed onto the area, and these are available in various colour alternatives to suit every project. The specialist paint applications create increased traction and grip on the activities surface to improve game playing and avoid accidents. Along with covering the whole area with a coloured non slip paint specification, we shall also apply distinct and specific game markings with a secondary colour. These particular line markings give the facility straightforward and simple markings design for any of the activities you want to play.

Rubber Court Maintenance

Frequent maintenance http://www.allweatherpitch.co.uk/maintenance/worcestershire/alfrick/ should be done, to keep the whole facility safe and useable. It is highly recommend to sweep and brush the area to get rid of any contamination. If perhaps your facility will be needing more skilled servicing then our specialist contractors can come out to site. Whenever the initial activities surface has been developed, you should carry out regular servicing which keeps the court clean and performing well. This can be achieved by combing and jet washing the area, employing a specialist algae and moss solution, and drag brushing fake pitch fibres. Repairs and reactive management should always be completed without delay to reduce any drainage problems or damage on the facility. As a result of heavy use the slip resistant paint layer may become faded and worn out, we can apply a completely new layer of colouring to the area should this happen.

Polymeric MUGA Courts Design in Alfrick

The numerous types of surface our company offers for competitive facilities consist of designs like the polymeric sports court specification. Rubber polymeric surfaces will usually put onto a macadam foundation as a mixture of EPDM granules and strong glue. These hard court specifications are available in several styles and designs with regards to the preferred demands. These rubber floorings will also have pigmented non slip paint integrated to obtain additional playing attributes.

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We will think of a custom-made layout intended for your activities flooring installation that fits the variety of activities you desire to carry out. A dynamic natural stone sub base is the first level of assembly for any solid court surface, to produce sturdiness and stability. Next, an application of asphalt will most likely be added to provide a base for the final rubber flooring to be applied. The polymeric sports court specification is added, while using the tarmacadam as a reliable foundation for the floor surfaces.

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If you are thinking about having a new multi use games area installed at your school, college or club, please feel free to get in touch with us. Just take a moment to complete the contact form on this page to let us know exactly what you need and if you have a specific budget in place. We'll send you some more details for the polymeric sports court specification in Alfrick WR6 5 and offer you a quote for this as well.

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